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02 February 2018

The Use of BIM technology in 2018

At J.V.Tierney Engineering Consultants, Ireland, we have promoted the use of building information modelling (BIM) in all of our client projects since 2010. The reason behind this is that BIM offers a working asset for the entire lifecycle of any building it is used on and allows for effective collaboration from all parties including designers, architects and m & e engineers.

We have integrated BIM into everything we do in order to deliver a consistent process throughout all parts of building design, which has the added benefit of offering a ‘soft landing’ for our clients. The BIM models we create adhere to standards required to meet BIM level 2, in compliance with PAS 1192-2 and the intelligent processes it employs, minimise design clashes and remove many of the obstacles that exist during the design process.

But What is BIM exactly?
To newcomers to the mechanical and electrical engineering industry, BIM is an essential part of modern construction, but only those who have worked on building design since before the emergence of BIM, will realise just how revolutionary and ‘resource saving’ the concept is.

Essentially, building information modelling provides a central 3D (sometimes 4D) model of any given building project that can be accessed at any point during the process. This allows independently working teams of engineers and designers to refer back to it and ensure that the work they are doing isn’t clashing with proposed works from other teams. This greatly minimises the need for ‘reworks’ and the materials wastage associated with it.

Clear Strategy
Involving all project stakeholders, from the design team to the client themselves, enables a clear BIM strategy to be formed. The protocols contained within ensure that efficient collaboration occurs and the client’s requirements are accurately met. Using current software platforms like Autodesk Revit, MagiCAD and DIALux, project expectations are clear and much easier to achieve on time and within budget.

If you would like to know more about BIM and what it could do for your next building project, visit our website www.jvtierney.ie or call their Dublin HQ on 01 421 4900.