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04 September 2018

Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) Standard Legislation on the Horizon

In modern construction there is a standard known as NZEB, which when implemented, creates a building that has little or no requirement for power from traditional sources. Instead, M & E engineers, architects and designers fashion a building that obtains the bulk of its energy needs from renewable sources. With an NZEB, this renewable energy is generated either very nearby or actually on site.

The consulting engineering design standard is set to become the minimum requirement as for all new buildings from the beginning of 2021 and from the beginning of 2019 for buildings owned by public sector bodies. At J.V Tierney & Co, we have years of experience in the sustainable design methods that make NZEB possible and our electrical and mechanical engineers are well placed to exceed these new standards.

What’s Required?

In order for a building to be classed as an NZEB, it needs to produce at least 20% of it’s primary energy from renewable sources. This is a big step forward from the energy performance required by the previous building requirements set down in 2008 - an equivalent 60% increase in minimum energy performance on average.

Of course, if a building is able to exceed these requirements, there is as much flexibility as is needed to allow for it. For residential buildings projects, the required increase is a more modest 25% over the minimum requirements on 2011 domestic building regulations.

The Future of Construction
This imminent enforcement of the NZEB standard is a clear illustration of the construction industry’s move towards a cleaner and a far more environmentally friendly way of working. All of the work we do for our many clients has this ethos at its heart and we are fully aligned with modern concepts like NZEB.

If you would like to know more about the NZEB concept and what it could do for your next building project, take a look at our website www.jvtierney.ie, where you’ll find everything you need to know and a number of examples of our past work. Alternatively, if you’d like a chat with one our expert team, call us now on 01 421 4900.