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12 May 2017

Irish Government Advised to Affect Cultural Shift to Collaborative Working through BIM

The Construction IT Alliance (CitA) recently published its Global BIM study as part of its BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP). The study looked at how BIM is addressed in 27 countries around the world, and investigated the presence of three factors:

  • Regulatory requirement for BIM
  • Champions driving BIM
    • Noteworthy publications

The findings of the study highlighted a number of re-occurring themes, and it was surmised that these would help to implement the use of BIM across Ireland

The report concluded that the Irish Government should adopt a program of partnership with the construction industry to foster a shift in attitudes towards collaborative working. The key components of this strategy include:

  • Reviewing and adapting contract and procurement processes to create a suitable BIM-friendly environment.
  • Selecting pertinent pathfinder projects from which to test the use of BIM during implementation.
  • Development of guidelines for BIM.
  • Adoption of global BIM standards.
  • Training and education in the use of BIM.
  • Funding to sustain programme delivery.

The BICP is due to release a second major report, the BIM Study 2017, which is expected to outline Ireland’s recent engagement with BIM and review its ability to utilise the technology for public sector projects in a fully regulated environment. It is anticipated the report will commend the achievements and advances made by the construction industry in adopting BIM in the absence of any formal position by the Irish government.

Low Adoption Rates
The usage of BIM in the industry is relatively low despite figures indicating most organisations have confidence in their BIM capabilities and there is a growing demand for the technology from clients. The report therefore suggests a strategy should be implemented at governmental level to affect industry change and increase the adoption of BIM.

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