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01 August 2017

Defining BS 1192:2007

At J.V. Tierney Consulting Engineers, Ireland, we have been using Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to achieve high levels of sustainable design for a number of years. Our clients benefit from the time, cost and energy savings provided by 3D and 4D modelling.

What is BS 1192:2007?

In simple terms, BS 1192:2007 is a code of practice governing the outline methods used when setting up a BIM project. The standard has been developed by the national standards body of the United Kingdom - BSI Group (British Standard Institution).

What exactly is its purpose?

The standard outlines the expectations relating to information exchange through the entire lifecycle of a building or site (often referred to as an ‘asset’). It includes the conditions required for checking and reviewing of compliance from concept and design stages, right through to completion and maintenance of any given project. As defined in the document;

(BS1192:2007) establishes a methodology for managing the production, distribution and quality of construction information, including that generated by CAD systems, using a disciplined process for collaboration”.

A commonly understood methodology allows the collaborative platform of BIM to be used to its full potential - producing the best results. Without this, the process becomes slower, more costly and ultimately less efficient. These principles governing the sharing of information can be effectively used in both private and civil enterprises.


The guidelines can also be used by software application developers, enabling them to support the implementation by providing files containing configuration data and ‘add-ons’.

In Summary

BS1192:2007 is essentially a code of practice on how to develop a BIM model, providing a framework to align the sharing of information between all parties involved in a project.

For more information on this the benefits of BIM in the construction process, visit our website at www.jvtierney.ie or call us on 01 4214900. Our friendly experts are on hand to answer any questions you might have.