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17 August 2017

Clash Detection and How BIM Helps

The ability to detect ‘clashes’ is one of the major benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and what makes it so advantageous for construction projects. Potential clashes are made apparent when several different BIM models come together in an overall ‘master’ model.

Different Facets

Each Design Team member will create a model relating to their area of expertise; mechanical and electrical, environmental or structural engineering for example. The model will be created independently by each Design Team member based on the original Architecture model. The Architect’s BIM model is essentially the starting point from which the other Design Team members create their models.

Clash Detection

Once individual models have been completed, they are then combined and overlaid, immediately highlighting clashes. If models have incompatible parameters or elements that occupy the same space this represents a ‘clash’.

This is also true of BIM 4D, which is a term used to refer to the intelligent linking of 3D components or assemblies with time or schedule related information. Separately created models may have particular time sequencing that is incompatible with other elements. Identifying these clashes early in the construction process can significantly reduce potential future delays, changes in design, materials and overall costs.

A reduction of time spent ‘reworking’ is what makes BIM so beneficial to an engineering project. Early detection of problems, like those discussed above, can result in advantages when needless wastage of time and resources is combined across all the involved engineering disciplines.   

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