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09 May 2017

A Growing Demand for BIM Objects

As Building Information Modelling (BIM) becomes more sophisticated, increasingly detailed models can be created. Engineering consulting firms can model factors such as sunlight, shadows, airflow, sound, energy and carbon dioxide to produce accurate representations of real world construction.

BIM can be defined as virtual construction and within these computer simulated buildings are virtual products and materials known as ‘BIM objects’. They are the digital equivalent of a real world material or product, such as a boiler, lighting or air conditioning unit. BIM objects with specific manufacturer product data are vital in generating accurate visualisations, energy calculations and functional analysis.

The National Building Specification (NBS) is a UK-based company owned by the Royal British Institute of Architects which provides a system of product specification. The NBS is used by building professionals, such as consulting engineers, to describe the materials, standards and of a construction project.

As the use of BIM increased so did the demand for BIM objects and the necessity to develop a clear standard quickly became apparent. A resulted in the formation of the NBS BIM Object Standard, published in 2014, which defines what constitutes a high quality BIM object. The standard provides consistency in the content and structure of objects and ensures correct levels of information with appropriate geometry.

This NBS standard, the first of its kind, created the foundation for a consistent approach for all those involved in manufacturing, BIM content development and design - including mechanical & electrical services engineering.

The provision of BIM objects, in addition to product data sheets and traditional 2D software, is becoming an industry necessity for product and material manufacturers. The ever growing demand for high quality BIM objects led to the creation of the NBS National BIM Library – an online database containing thousands of standard compliant BIM objects.

The standardisation of objects has played a major role in assisting organisations to take BIM to the next level with the previous lack of standardisation proving a major barrier to the successful adoption of BIM across the construction industry.


The NBS standard affords assurance to clients and project managers that the right data is being used and that the BIM objects within their models meet a consistent, recognised level of quality.

At J.V. Tierney & Co., we utilise BIM objects that adhere to these standards, which in turn ensures that our BIM modelling capabilities are of the highest quality and accuracy.

For more information on BIM objects or BIM Dublin as a whole, please visit our website at www.jvtierney.ie or call us on 00353 1 421 4900.

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