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25 April 2022

Net Zero Carbon: How the Irish Engineering Industry Can Play their Part

Net Zero Carbon is a target that must be addressed in no small way by the construction industry, who by nature are responsible for 39% of global carbon emissions. The energy used to heat, cool, and > read more

16 June 2021

Mater Misericordiae University Hospital – Ophthalmic Operating Theatre Suite

J.V Tierney and Co. are proud to have carried out the M&E Design Services for the new state-of-the-art 800m2 Ophthalmic Operating Theatre Suite for Mater Misericordiae University Hospital in Dublin > read more

01 June 2021

Mater Misericordiae University Hospital – Hyper Acute Stroke Unit

J.V Tierney & Co. are proud to have carried out the M&E Design Services for the new Hyper Acute Stroke Unit (HASU) at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital which reached completion in 2020. > read more

28 January 2021

HPI – Home Performance Index

According to the Irish Green Building Council “The Home Performance Index (HPI) is Ireland’s first national quality and sustainability assessment system for new housing. The HPI rating is based > read more

13 November 2020

Smart Buildings, Internet of Things, and The Dock, Hanover Quay

With the surge in technological advances over the last 2 decades engineers across all fields have utilized the advancement for the betterment of our daily lives. In Smart buildings, and with the > read more

24 January 2020

Embodied Carbon Part 3 M&E Design Alternatives to Reduce your Projects Embodied Carbon?

In Part 1 & 2 of this series we looked at what embodied carbon is, and where embodied carbon can be reduced with regards to building materials. In the final article, Part 3, we look at what > read more

13 January 2020

Embodied Carbon Part 2- Where Can Reductions in Embodied Carbon be Made?

As discussed in \"Part 1: What is Embodied Carbon?\", Embodied Carbon, is carbon that is emitted during the manufacturing and transport of materials for the building, the construction of the > read more

07 January 2020

Embodied Carbon Part 1- What is Embodied Carbon?

Part 1/3: What is Embodied Carbon? We, J.V. Tierney & Co., like to keep up to date with the latest new sustainable design methods and technologies in the construction and engineering industries > read more

10 December 2019

Augmented Reality in Building Design and Construction

At J.V. Tierney & Co., our M&E engineers employ the latest innovations and technologies in our work as one of Ireland’s foremost consulting engineering firms. One such technology is Augmented > read more

06 December 2019

Energy / Battery Storage

At J.V. Tierney & Co. Our M&E Consulting Engineers like to keep an eye on the latest technologies and innovations, and in this article we look at Energy Storage. > read more

28 November 2019

Right to Light - The Well Building Standards and How they Regulate Lighting Design

In this article, we take a brief look at one of the latest standards to be created in the construction industry which relates to Human Centric Lighting (HCL). Lighting inside buildings has become > read more

18 November 2019

Fuel Cells, The Future is Hydrogen

A look into Hydrogen Fuel Cells as a power supply for the commercial and residential sectors. > read more

07 November 2019

Biophilic Design - Preserving the Connection Between Humans and Nature in the Built Environment

At J.V.Tierney & Co, we are fully on board with all aspects of modern building design, especially when it comes to the push for M&E Design Engineers to work with nature, rather than against. > read more

08 October 2019

The Importance of the Early Involvement of LEED Commissioning Agents in Building Projects

At J.V.Tierney & Co, our team of M&E engineers has a long history of experience in all matters relating to sustainable building design, and with the modern construction industry under increasing > read more

03 September 2019

What Does the Transition from PAS 1192 to BS EN ISO 19650 Standards Mean?

At J.V.Tierney & Co., we are one of the foremost engineering consulting firms in Ireland and we are major exponents of cutting edge building design technologies like building information modelling > read more

01 September 2019

What does 'Smart Technologies' for an Office Environment Actually Mean?

At J.V.Tierney & Co, we are one of the leading engineering consulting firms in Ireland and our mechanical and electrical engineers are well-versed in both established and cutting edge design > read more

26 August 2019

Smart HVAC Systems and How They’re Used in Reducing the Carbon Footprint of a Building

At J.V. Tierney & Co, our M & E engineers are well versed in a comprehensive range of technologies and methodologies that help buildings to operate more efficiently and as a result, have a small > read more

18 July 2019

Why Choose Natural Ventilation in M&E Building Design?

At J.V.Tierney & Co, we are a long-established Mechanical and Electrical Engineering company with a long and proud history of delivering the highest quality building design services to our clients > read more

10 July 2019

Electrical Installations Requirements for ATEX Hazardous Areas

At J.V. Tierney & Co, we have been providing market leading consulting engineering design services to businesses since the end of the 1940s. Our team of m & e engineers have a great deal of > read more

24 June 2019

Why is the Thermal Wheel Such an Efficient Heat Recovery System?

At J.V. Tierney & Co, our M&E Engineers employ a range of cutting edge and established Mechanical and Electrical Engineering techniques in our client projects in order to make them as energy > read more

19 June 2019

Well Done! The Law Society Calcutta Run.

Well done to all who participated in the Law Society Calcutta Run in Aid of The Hope Foundation, and The Peter McVerry Trust. > read more

15 May 2019

Law Society Calcutta Run

The very best of luck to our J.V. Tierney runners, Ryan Loney and Darren Dowling, participating in the Calcutta run at the Law Society this Saturday 18th May. > read more

06 May 2019

What is CFD analysis Used For by M&E Engineers?

CFD is the abbreviation for Computational Fluid Dynamics and it’s something used by M & E Engineers to help predict and prevent undesirable outcomes in fluid flow, as it’s a science concerned > read more

03 May 2019

Anti-ligature Fittings & Fixtures & Their Role in Building Design

At J.V.Tierney & Co, the work our engineers are involved in covers a wide variety of projects across each sector of the building industry. Two particular sector we have experience in working are > read more

01 May 2019

Fercullen from Powerscourt Distillery

The Powerscourt Distillery, has unveiled three new Irish Whiskeys, created by Master Distiller Noel Sweeney under the brand name “Fercullen\" and J.V. Tierney & Co. are delighted to have been part > read more

29 April 2019

What are Ireland's Plans for the New National Rules for Electrical Installations?

At J.V.Tierney & Co., we are a Mechanical & Electrical Services Engineering Company with an experienced team of electrical and mechanical engineers that has been involved in many projects across > read more

11 April 2019

Understanding the Substantial 'Free Cooling' Element Used in Our Recent CIBSE Award-Winning Building Design at The Criminal Courts of Justice

In our 70+ years of experience, we have employed a huge array of different technologies in our client projects to reduce their impact on the local environment and reduce their operating costs for the > read more

28 November 2018

Innovative Lift Technology Employed for Saving Energy

At J.V Tierney & Co, our consulting engineering design team has been involved in many important building projects over the last 70 years, many of which have required the use of innovative > read more

21 November 2018

Can we design large refrigerated plants today to run at a fraction of historical costs?

At J.V Tierney & Co, our M&E Engineers have been employing innovative techniques designed to improve resource efficiency in our client’s projects for many years. When engineering consulting firms > read more

15 November 2018

The Importance of Life Safety in Building Design

At J.V Tierney & Co, our M & E Engineers are long established exponents of sustainable design and over our long history, we have been involved in numerous mechanical & electrical engineering projects > read more

14 October 2018

The Role of LEED Commissioning Agents and their Role in Building Projects

At J.V.Tierney & Co, our M & E engineers are involved in all aspects relating to sustainable design in the construction industry. As an established company with a wealth of experience in mechanical > read more

06 October 2018

The Oracle Block B East Point Dublin, One of Ireland’s First LEED Platinum Buildings

At J.V Tierney & Co, our electrical and mechanical engineers have been involved in many client projects that have employed numerous established and modern sustainable design techniques. One > read more

04 September 2018

Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) Standard Legislation on the Horizon

In modern construction there is a standard known as NZEB, which when implemented, creates a building that has little or no requirement for power from traditional sources. Instead, M & E engineers, > read more

01 September 2018

WIRED Certification - Connecting Businesses in the Modern World

In the modern business world, digital communication is more important now than it ever has been. The buildings that business happens in now have to include a degree of connectivity out of necessity > read more

16 August 2018

What is Solar Reflective Glazing?

There are many technologies used in sustainable design in the modern construction industry, each offering new and innovative ways of conserving energy and reducing the environmental impact of > read more

09 August 2018

What is twin skin thermal facade?

In this article, we look at the construction technique known as Twin Skin Thermal Facade, which mimics human skin in its ability to keep buildings warm in the cold and cool in warmer weather. This > read more

16 July 2018

J.V Tierney & Co. Help Create Ireland’s First Zero Carbon Retail Store in Ireland

At J.V Tierney & Co, we are proud of the work our MEP engineers carry out in designing and creating building services that not only save our clients’ money, but are also highly efficient and good > read more

09 July 2018

The Benefits of the Use of Combined Heat and Power Plants

At J.V.Tierney & Co, we have extensive experience in the implementation of sustainable design techniques that make buildings more energy efficient and less impactful on the environment. Since 1948, > read more

12 June 2018

Tesco Liffey Valley Project

J.V Tierney & Co. are proud to have carried out the Full M&E Services on the newly opened Tesco Liffey Valley retail store, and Boulevard. The new build consists of 100,000 sq ft retail unit on > read more

05 June 2018

Powerscourt Distillery Project

JV Tierney & Co are excited to be part of a history-making project on the Powerscourt Estate in County Wicklow; Powerscourt Distillery. Formerly the hub of all farming activity on the Estate, the > read more

01 June 2018

J.V.Tierney Projects - Lansdowne Rugby Football Union Clubhouse

At J.V.Tierney Engineering Consultants Ireland, we are very proud of all of the work our M & E Engineers carry out the field of sustainable design. We have worked on projects all over Ireland, > read more

04 May 2018

New 3D Repo version adds the latest BCF support and further GIS integration

3D Repo Version 2.8 is all about extending the reach of the functionally robust and feature rich 3D Repo platform. With additional exchange formats supported and new hardware options added we are > read more

26 March 2018

Daylighting and Its Importance to Sustainable Design

Daylighting, i.e the provision of natural light within a building, is one of the most important aspects to get right during the design stage for architects, designers and M & E Engineers. At J.V > read more

23 March 2018

Photovoltaic Systems in Sustainable Design

Solar panel technology, or to give it its technical name, photovoltaic technology is becoming used ever more frequently by M & E Engineers in near-zero energy buildings across Ireland. At J.V.Tierney > read more

19 March 2018

What are the Benefits of Natural Ventilation used in Sustainable Design?

In the field of sustainable design, natural ventilation is a useful tool used to regulate temperatures inside a building. The main way it does this is by offering low humidity, good air circulation > read more

02 February 2018

The Use of BIM technology in 2018

At J.V.Tierney Engineering Consultants, Ireland, we have promoted the use of building information modelling (BIM) in all of our client projects since 2010. The reason behind this is that BIM offers a > read more

13 November 2017


BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) was first published by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in 1990. It is the world’s longest established > read more

17 August 2017

Clash Detection and How BIM Helps

The ability to detect ‘clashes’ is one of the major benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and what makes it so advantageous for construction projects. Potential clashes are made > read more

15 August 2017

BIM and Industry 4.0 Shaping the Future

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is contributing to the industry 4.0 revolution, which is shaping the future of the construction industry, according to an article published in GIM International, > read more

01 August 2017

Defining BS 1192:2007

At J.V. Tierney Consulting Engineers, Ireland, we have been using Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to achieve high levels of sustainable design for a number of years. Our clients benefit > read more

19 July 2017

BIM Execution Plans - What are They and Why are They Necessary?

There are many well-known benefits of using Building Information Modelling (BIM) for a construction project. Amongst them is the significant reduction of waste, the ability to collaborate with all > read more

14 July 2017

What are BIM Protocols?

At J.V. Tierney engineering consultants Ireland, we provide innovative sustainable design solutions to our clients. As part of our desire to create an industry shift to incorporate green technologies > read more

05 July 2017

What is BIM Level 2?

J.V. Tierney & Co Consulting Engineers Ireland have provided mechanical and electrical consulting engineering services since the late 1940s. More recently we have focused on sustainability, offering > read more

03 July 2017

What is a BIM Model?

Read about the construction industry for any length of time and you are likely to encounter the term BIM, an acronym for Building Information Modelling - but what does this actually mean? Before > read more

21 June 2017

What is a BIM Object?

At J.V. Tierney & Co consulting engineers Ireland, we are on a mission to spread the word about Building Information Modelling (BIM) and its role in the future of the construction industry in both > read more

15 June 2017

Siemens Release of 1,200+ BIM Families

In a development that illustrates the increasing global adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the construction industry, Siemens has released BIM data on over 1,200 of its products. > read more

09 June 2017

BIM, 3D Printing and the Construction Industry

BIM and 3D printing are revolutionising the construction industry. 3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing and involves the layering of materials by a machine to create a physical > read more

12 May 2017

Irish Government Advised to Affect Cultural Shift to Collaborative Working through BIM

The Construction IT Alliance (CitA) recently published its Global BIM study as part of its BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP). The study looked at how BIM is addressed in 27 countries around > read more

09 May 2017

A Growing Demand for BIM Objects

As Building Information Modelling (BIM) becomes more sophisticated, increasingly detailed models can be created. Engineering consulting firms can model factors such as sunlight, shadows, airflow, > read more

04 May 2017

J.V. Tierney M&E project, Lidl Ireland HQ Building in Dublin, Wins Irish Architectural Award for 2017

Our design of the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) services on this project, worth over €25m, helped the building to achieve an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating. The new 4 storey complex delivers 8,000 > read more

26 April 2017

Sustainable Design & The use of BIM in 2017

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Sustainable Design are becoming increasingly important in the construction industry. Concerns regarding cost savings, energy conservation and environmental > read more

18 April 2017

J.V. Tierney & Co and Our MEP BIM Capabilities

We began using Building Information Modelling (BIM) software in 2005 at J.V. Tierney & Co. Consulting Engineers to improve the operation of internal procedures and achieve efficiencies in time, cost > read more

03 April 2017

JV Tierney & Co Consulting Engineers & Ireland’s First BIM Level 2 Project

The Clinical Education & Research Centre (CERC) is a major 3,442 sqm building that sits on the grounds of the University Hospital Limerick site. Completed in December 2016, it was the first public > read more

05 March 2017

The Benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Construction

In the construction industry, as with all business, time is money. Time wasted during planning and design, or lost due to inefficient logistics, can cost companies a great deal - especially when it > read more

03 March 2017

Enhancing productivity with BIM technology

Building Information Modelling (BIM) can make an immense difference in the construction and engineering industry. Consulting Engineers are generally under a tremendous pressure to deliver projects on > read more

17 November 2016

BIM Technology Introduction

J.V. Tierney & Co. are now Industry Leaders in the Field of Building Information Modelling for the Design of Mechanical & Electrical Services for the Construction Sector > read more