• Project Name: Powerscourt Distillery Wicklow
  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Project Value: €4.8m
  • Our Role: Mechanical Electrical & Sustainable Design


New whiskey distillery on the grounds of Powerscourt Estate, Co. Wicklow. The project consists of an extension to an old mill building to house the new distillery process manufacturing plant and a front of house visitor centre which also encompasses a refurbishment of the old mill.
The visitor centre includes carefully appointed tasting rooms, a distillery gift shop, cafe/bar and adjoining maturation facility. The original 18th Century building has had an adaptive re-fit which has brought life and energy back into this once derelict building.
The new distillery has taken on board climate mitigation as part of the whiskey process as well as sustainable and environmental approaches by utilizing the well water on the grounds, and re-using the low grade heat rejection from the steam process plant, for the new under floor heating system in the visitors centre. In addition a passive approach was adapted on the ventilation of the production area so that purging of the environment would occur when particle level counts were reached with alcohol vapour within the air. The hot water system has air source heat pumps integrated to minimise carbon emissions and operating costs with the additional benefit of extracting excess heat from the process area.
  • Innovation & Sustainability
  • The front of house heating requirements are met via an interface with the process plant which utilises waste heat available from the chilled water return to the process cooling tower. Heat is extracted from a branch connection off the chilled water return which is controlled by a 2-port valve and pump arrangement to feed a buffer tank heating coil. The buffer tank provides low grade heat to the front of house underfloor heating system. An LPG modular high efficiency boiler is provided as backup to the waste heat.
  • The hot water services for the front of house is provided via a mini air source heat pump integrated with a hot water storage tank. This system extracts excess ambient heat from the process area to generate hot water, while at the same time cooling the air in the process area.
  • Feature lighting with intelligent control system to front of house areas including the retail areas, bars, tasting rooms, AV room. The system is capable of scene selection and lux level control.
  • Communications system for Wi-Fi, voice and data, including integrated Wi-Fi and public address through the use of a single ceiling mounted device.
  • Pumps and fans are provided with variable speed drives to minimise energy consumption.
  • Heat recovery ventilation systems were provided to serve various front of house areas.

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