BIM Updates

13 November 2017


BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) was first published by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in 1990. It is the world’s longest established > read more

01 August 2017

Defining BS 1192:2007

At J.V. Tierney Consulting Engineers, Ireland, we have been using Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to achieve high levels of sustainable design for a number of years. Our clients benefit > read more

19 July 2017

BIM Execution Plans - What are They and Why are They Necessary?

There are many well-known benefits of using Building Information Modelling (BIM) for a construction project. Amongst them is the significant reduction of waste, the ability to collaborate with all > read more

17 July 2017

Clash Detection and How BIM Helps

The ability to detect ‘clashes’ is one of the major benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and what makes it so advantageous for construction projects. Potential clashes are made > read more

14 July 2017

What are BIM Protocols?

At J.V. Tierney engineering consultants Ireland, we provide innovative sustainable design solutions to our clients. As part of our desire to create an industry shift to incorporate green technologies > read more

05 July 2017

What is BIM Level 2?

J.V. Tierney & Co Consulting Engineers Ireland have provided mechanical and electrical consulting engineering services since the late 1940s. More recently we have focused on sustainability, offering > read more

03 July 2017

What is a BIM Model?

Read about the construction industry for any length of time and you are likely to encounter the term BIM, an acronym for Building Information Modelling - but what does this actually mean? Before > read more

09 June 2017

BIM, 3D Printing and the Construction Industry

BIM and 3D printing are revolutionising the construction industry. 3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing and involves the layering of materials by a machine to create a physical > read more

22 May 2017

What is a BIM Object?

At J.V. Tierney & Co consulting engineers Ireland, we are on a mission to spread the word about Building Information Modelling (BIM) and its role in the future of the construction industry in both > read more

16 May 2017

Siemens Release of 1,200+ BIM Families

In a development that illustrates the increasing global adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the construction industry, Siemens has released BIM data on over 1,200 of its products. > read more

12 May 2017

Irish Government Advised to Affect Cultural Shift to Collaborative Working through BIM

The Construction IT Alliance (CitA) recently published its Global BIM study as part of its BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP). The study looked at how BIM is addressed in 27 countries around > read more

09 May 2017

A Growing Demand for BIM Objects

As Building Information Modelling (BIM) becomes more sophisticated, increasingly detailed models can be created. Engineering consulting firms can model factors such as sunlight, shadows, airflow, > read more

04 May 2017

J.V. Tierney M&E project, Lidl Ireland HQ Building in Dublin, Wins Irish Architectural Award for 2017

Our design of the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) services on this project, worth over €25m, helped the building to achieve an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating. The new 4 storey complex delivers 8,000 > read more

26 April 2017

Sustainable Design & The use of BIM in 2017

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Sustainable Design are becoming increasingly important in the construction industry. Concerns regarding cost savings, energy conservation and environmental > read more

18 April 2017

J.V. Tierney & Co and Our MEP BIM Capabilities

We began using Building Information Modelling (BIM) software in 2005 at J.V. Tierney & Co. Consulting Engineers to improve the operation of internal procedures and achieve efficiencies in time, cost > read more

06 April 2017

BIM and Industry 4.0 Shaping the Future

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is contributing to the industry 4.0 revolution, which is shaping the future of the construction industry, according to an article published in GIM International, > read more

03 April 2017

JV Tierney & Co Consulting Engineers & Ireland’s First BIM Level 2 Project

The Clinical Education & Research Centre (CERC) is a major 3,442 sqm building that sits on the grounds of the University Hospital Limerick site. Completed in December 2016, it was the first public > read more

05 March 2017

The Benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Construction

In the construction industry, as with all business, time is money. Time wasted during planning and design, or lost due to inefficient logistics, can cost companies a great deal - especially when it > read more

03 March 2017

Enhancing productivity with BIM technology

Building Information Modelling (BIM) can make an immense difference in the construction and engineering industry. Consulting Engineers are generally under a tremendous pressure to deliver projects on > read more

17 November 2016

BIM Technology Introduction

J.V. Tierney & Co. are now Industry Leaders in the Field of Building Information Modelling for the Design of Mechanical & Electrical Services for the Construction Sector > read more